Summit Technologies Talon Solid State Digital Control System

The Talon is a solid-state digital switch matrix. Manufactured by Summit Technologies, using their proven “Raptor” technology, the completely digital switch matrix features 15 individually programmable buttons, designed to control ANY 12 volt vehicle electronics system.

Each Talon is supplied with a set of 90 individual photo luminescent switch decals, allowing you to position and logically group activities together. By accessing the panel on the rear, you can select the type of action you want each button to perform:

  • MOMENTARY ACTION (Press and Hold)
  • LATCHING ACTION (Press once to Lock, Press again to Unlock)
  • FLASHING ACTION (For both Momentary and Latching states)

Each of the switches outputs a 12 volt 250 milliamp live on its corresponding wire, so you can hook up vehicle electrics on each switch, or for switching larger loads just use the output to trigger a larger relay. Once power is applied, the Talons power button pulses its LED, waiting for you to start the system. All that’s required is to hold the power button for 2 seconds to start it up. The same applies to shutting the system down. Just hold the power button for 2 seconds and the system immediately shuts down, reverting all switches to the OFF state. A dedicated input can automatically dim the Talon’s LED’s (both the sequential shift lights and the button LED’s), when it senses 12 volts from your vehicle side lights. This is a great feature that will be really useful at night, as the Talon’s LED’s are very bright for day time use. You can also take a switch output from any of the 15 available buttons, and loop back into this connection to control the dimming directly from the front panel if needed.

The switch panel incorporates a 16 segment digital LED sequential shift light, that’s self-powered and accepts a signal from your ECU or ignition coil. Alternatively or should you not want to use the Talon’s own shift lights, setting the ‘Alarm Mode’ override to ON, the shift lights will flash with an audible tone should any voltage be received down the RPM signal wire. This is great for example if you wanted a handy low fuel alarm or oil pressure warning.

Also included around the back are four handy USB charging ports providing uninterrupted power should you wish to connect an in-car video camera or smart phone whilst out on track.

The main body of the Talon is machined from a single piece of extruded aluminium, then glass bead-blasted and anodised…. to achieve a beautiful and smooth rust proof finish. Measuring only 140 by 140mm and just 40mm deep, it’s perfectly sized to accommodate use from even the largest of race gloved hands. Connections are made using a single self-locking power block located on the rear of the unit, making for a safer and tidier installation.

Specifically designed to use the VESA 100 mounting standard, the Talon can be mounted in a variety of different positions.

9 490 SEK