Trådlös rattpanel med Knappar Summit teknology

The Raptor Pro is the latest edition to the Summit Technologies raptor range and features solid state technology with regulated 12v 250ma or 5v logic level inputs.

The Raptor is an 8 channel steering wheel panel which features wireless RF controls removing the need for coiled cables. Available for race cars or as an IVA compliant version for road cars and kit cars the Raptor fits to aftermarket steering wheel with a 6 x 70mm bolt pattern and a minimum diameter of 300mm. This means it will fit most wheels manufactured by Momo, Sparco, OMP, Mountney, Motocorsa, Simoni Racing, Reverie and many more. Please click on the Raptor Template tab for a downloadable template to confirm exact compatibility / clearance of the buttons with your steering wheel.

The control panel is manufactured from 3.2mm thick composite material and is incredibly tough as well as being water, oil and fuel resistant to IP65. All of the wiring is integrated into the panel so there is nothing external to snag or break. The switches are resin filled with protective caps to provide longevity and reliability. The panel is powered by a 3v CR2032 battery which can be changes via the centre cap and the cap features an LED which changes colour to display the current battery condition.

The 12 volt receiver module has been developed to fit within a waterproof Deutsch enclosure to withstand the harsh environment a competition car endures. An 80cm long wiring loom with 12 pin Deutsch connector provides freedom of mounting.

The Raptor Pro has been designed to be fully user configurable and each of the buttons can be set to perform as either a Momentary, Latching or Flashing action. This gives the flexibility to use the Raptor to control pretty much anything in the car including Lighting, Horn, Lap timers, Traction Control, Launch Control, Wipers, Fans, Radio Communication and much more.

There are two versions of the Raptor Pro available -

Race: The race version has no preset channels so can be user set to control whatever you require. When set to Flashing action the flash rate is settable to either 2 or 4 times per second which is ideal to use as a 'Flash to pass' function when connected to the headlights.

Road: The road version is fully IVA compliant and has preset symbols in the buttons for Headlights, Horn, Indicators, Windscreen wipers, Screen washer, Windscreen Hazard lights and Fan. Like the race version the flash rate is settable between 2 or 4 times per second. The road version also features some clever cancellation logic which prevents more than one signal (indicator) button being active at the same time.

What's in the box?

  • Steering wheel button transmitter plate
  • 8 Channel relay receiver
  • Wiring loom with 12 pin Deutsch connector
  • CR2032 battery
  • Installation instructions

8 090 SEK